True Position Manufacturing endorses Q2030

Q2030 logo
It’s an exciting time to be part of the Quad Cities region! And we are planning for the future using the Quad Cities Chamber’s Q2030 Regional Action Plan – a rally cry of increasing talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all.

True Position Manufacturing is proud to be among the individuals, organizations and businesses that have endorsed the Q2030 Regional Action Plan. That means we promote innovative ideas, enhanced civic engagement and aim to be a stand-out in our industry.

According to the Quad Cities Chamber, endorsers of Q2030:

  • Seek collaborative solutions whenever possible
  • Think and act in the best interest of the region
  • Share credit for successes and responsibility for challenges
  • Speak with respect and regard for all partners in the region
  • Demonstrate pride and a positive attitude about the Quad Cities
  • Are open to new ideas
  • Encourage diversity of opinion

Additionally, True Position is actively participating in efforts to increase the region’s manufacturing technological innovation, skills development and supply-chain integration to proactively meet business and manufacturing needs.

It’s no coincidence that True Position Manufacturing’s headquarters is in the Quad Cities. We chose to be located in a region that focuses on continued economic growth and a bright future. We look forward to experiencing all the opportunities Q2030 will create and its positive impact on our region!